Pittsfield United Methodist Church
Sunday, February 17, 2019


The Finance Committee of Pittsfield United Methodist is promoting our participation in UMCMarket. If you do online shopping and access the store through UMCMarket a percentage will be sent to our church. If you schedule a flight or a hotel reservation through travelocity a percentage will be sent our church.

 All you have to do is register with UMCMarket, designate our church “Pittsfield” as your organization, and then click on the store you want to shop at.

 Our church is listed as “Pittsfield” (just one word). Be sure and verify the address.

 When you click on the store you will go directly to the store’s website and a portion of what you spend will be sent to Pittsfield United Methodist Church. 

Or, download the UMCMarket Browser App and once you have registered you will be able to go to the store directly.

More information on UMCMarket.